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Lyranodis Patch

Version 1.6

alt Redesigned print settings dialog.
alt Extended color settings dialog. Now the whole LookAndFeel can be configured for both Lyranodis and Song Manager.
alt Minor bugfixes.

Version 1.5

alt Song groups can now be named. When adding a new song group it does not get a consecutive number anymore. Instead it gets a dummy name that can be edited. Group names are considered in the printing as well. In Lyranodis, when loading  a song group the name will be displayed in the group table popup as heading.
alt The dialog for chosing the number of chars to be shown in the column for song titles in the group table when loading a song group in Lyranodis now has a cancel button.
alt The column "Device info" is renamed to "Short info". That is a more general name for it.
alt Load/Save file dialog is now completely translated and localized.
alt Minor bugfixes.

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