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Privacy policy

The operator: Konstant Software
Name: Konstantin Fehse

referenced as operator in the following paragraphs assures to be in compliance with any data protection acts concerning personal data on the internet. Personal data is ascertained where suitable in a scope technically necessary for operating this online shop. At no point, your data will be sold or forwarded to any third party unless it is legally enforced. Using this website is generally possible without providing any personal data as long as no order will be placed. On any page of this website where personal data is ascertained (e.g. name, address or email) it is done on a voluntary basis as far as possible. This data will not be forwarded to any third party without your explicit agreement. Please note, data communication/transmission via internet may have security breaches. A totally secure data protection for preventing illegal access by third parties is not possible.

User data / personal data / nicknames

In the following sections you will get an overview about the data and its purposes ascertained on this website:

  • Name: for the order process
  • Email address: for sending information/responses and for the order and purchase process
  • Address: for the order process
  • Phone: is mandatory on an order, but voluntary information elsewhere. The user decides whether or not to provide a phone number.
  • Credit card data: for the order process. Transactions are being processed by ExcperCash Corp. Credit card data is not being saved by Konstant Software.
  • Bank account data: for the order process. Bank account data is being ascertained e.g. for direct debit payment method and is being transferred with encryption.

The software on this website saves data for technical purposes which will be transferred via forms (e.g. on purchases, registrations, comments etc.). Affected data are comments, nicknames, email addresses, passwords (encrypted) and other voluntary information/contents sent to us by you, wittingly. (The function for registrating an user account is intended to be provided in future versions of this website, possibly.) On any abuse of our offer, virtual attacks or publication of illegal contents, the transferred data will be forwarded to third parties on injunction.

Data, information or emails transferred via the contact form will be also saved on a local computer and processed with an email software (for logging the customer communication and quick responses via email). On written request, those data will be deleted immediately.

Server log data (log files)

Due to technical purposes, the operator of this website ascertains and saves server log data which is being sent by your browser automatically:

  • Operating system,
  • Browser type/version,
  • IP address (spam protection, distinct assignment),
  • Date of purchase

The data saved by the server cannot and will not be used for identifying any natural person. The log files will be automatically deleted after a few days and used for statistical evaluation. We kindly ask for your understanding that server log files are necessary for security and protection of this website.


The operator of this website and the software installed on the server are using cookies, respectively. Cookies are text files which contain information e.g. for automatic login and some other specific functionality where available (no password necessary). Cookies save login information only and will not damage your system. You can define the time period cookies are being saved on your computer in the user profile of your browser or delete cookies at any time. Cookies are technically necessary to identify users logged on to the website.

Update information / operator information / advertisement / newsletter

As long as you provided an email address, the operator may send information to you. No personal data will be ascertained regarding the email address.  

Right of information

At any time, you have the right of obtaining information about the data saved about you, its origin and receiver as well as its purpose. Please feel free to contact us by using the contact data stated in the legal info of this website. In order to obtain information you need to identify as the person (about whom information shell be provided) or prove that you are authorized to obtain information about third.


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