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Lyranodis - Lyrics And Notes Display
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Lyranodis - Lyrics And Notes Display

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Lyranodis is a digital music stand made by musicians for musicians and therefore, it is based on long lasting experience of professional entertainer. It offers all the advantages traditional sheet music on papers does not offer: Various functions for a real quick access to your entire repertoire. The prerequisite to use Lyranodis will be your sheet music and lyrics in a digitalized form (image files). Lyranodis increases your flexibility and enables you to be ready to start playing during a gig in no time!


altLoad sheet music and lyrics via numerical selection
altCombine songs in a group (playlist)
altQuick access to song groups
altSearch function
altSong overview
altTurn page via computer keyboard (or foot switch available on the market)
alt2-pages view
altFullscreen mode
altUses bmp, jpg, png or gif files

Lyranodis is pure software you install on your computer. That leaves the decision about the hardware you would like to use and the money spent up to you!

Key Benefits

altReal quick finding/loading of songs and lyrics
altHigh flexibility during a gig
altClear and sharp display on modern flatscreen monitors
altDisplay can be shared with any further monitors using a splitter
altNo more heavy folders of sheet music
altExtra lighting for stands no longer needed
altSheets cannot get lost or scuffed anymore
altNo "wavy" sheets or pages falling down on open-air gigs
altOverview of your entire repertoire and no more clutter

Lyranodis stage arrangement sample
(Hardware not included in delivery)


Lyranodis Video

Minimum system requirements
WinXP/Vista/7, MacOSX 10.6.6, 32/64bit, 1GHz, 512MB RAM (higher recommended), Java JRE 1.6.0_26

Lyranodis Demo

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